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Accidents, when you’re away from home, add extra layers of difficulty. On top of spoiling your vacation plans, you might discover that your health insurance does not cover your medical care. When someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you can be left wondering how the local laws apply to your situation. Personal injury lawyers help people unravel these thorny issues. 

personal injury lawyer in Las VegasGet Medical Care

Regardless of your insurance situation, you need to access medical care when you’re injured. You have a right to emergency care in most places that you travel even if you can’t immediately cover the payment. 

In accident cases involving a negligent third party, you’ll want to start a medical record of your injuries right after the harmful event. The paper trail formed by your immediate care in the time and place of the accident will provide the necessary documentation for your future insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. 

Report the Accident

Just as when an accident happens in your local area, you need to make a report. Car accidents are a very common source of injuries for travelers. Be sure to stay at the accident scene until authorities arrive so that police can write a report. If the police do not respond, track down the nearest police station and ask how to report the crash. Ask the driver who was responsible for the collision to provide insurance and vehicle information.las vegas personal injury lawyer

Tourists suffer slip and fall accidents quite frequently as well. You can be so dazzled by the sights that you trip on a curb, stumble getting off a bus, or fall on a slippery hotel lobby floor. Tell the venue where your accident happened and ask that person to prepare a written report. Businesses and transit authorities may have a formal process for recording your accident. 

Make a Record of What Happened

If you’re hurt badly, you or a travel companion can collect as much evidence as possible. Since you will be trying to pursue compensation for this accident after you get home, evidence collection is critical. You may not be able to return to the area again. 

Take pictures of:

  • The accident scene
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Your injuries
  • Broken equipment or spills that caused your fall

Images from the time of the accident are your visual insurance against denials of problems. Your injuries could prompt a building manager to fix hazards quickly in the hopes of dodging liability for your medical expenses and other losses. 

If possible, try to get statements and contact information from witnesses. Injury attorneys could follow up with these people whose eyewitness accounts could support your allegations of negligence. Additionally, it would help if you wrote down or record a video of your account of what happened. Do this as soon as you’re able when the details are fresh in your mind. 

las vegas personal injury attorneyWhat About Business Trip Accidents?

Not all travel accidents happen during leisure time. A car accident, slip, and fall, or pedestrian accident can strike you when you’re traveling for business. In this scenario, your employer’s workers’ compensation policy should cover your expenses. As with any accident, you need to report the accident, collect information, and obtain medical care. 

Claims on your workers’ compensation policy can be tricky. You have to meet strict deadlines, and disputes about the extent of your injuries could arise. Even though you might feel like your settlement should be automatic, employees often encounter obstacles to benefits. Personal injury lawyers are available to represent people in this position.

Know Your Insurance Status Before a Trip

Ideally, you will have reviewed your health insurance policy before you leave home. Your insurance might only cover emergency health services or nothing at all. Travel insurance policies can fill the coverage gaps in your primary health plan.

Although travel insurance can be beneficial if an accident disrupts your vacation, you still might have to apply pressure to get the benefits you paid for. Insurers always look for ways to limit what they pay. Las Vegas injury lawyers routinely assist people with their legitimate claims to secure appropriate settlements. 

In addition to confirming your health coverage before you travel, you should be wary of signing waivers at amusement parks and with tour operators. Before you sign, make sure you know what you’re giving up and what benefits will cover you should you get hurt.

Understand Your Legal Rights

When you suspect that you’re a victim of negligence, find out your next steps by consulting with a lawyer. A lawyer could initiate an investigation of the negligent party and prepare an insurance claim. If an insurer chooses not to recognize your need, a personal injury lawsuit would be the next step. 

Typically the laws in the state or country where your accident happened will guide the outcome. Because you’ll have to manage these details from a long distance, legal help can be especially helpful. The Las Vegas injury lawyers at Moss Berg know how to handle complex cases and push back against tactics meant to delay or deny your claim for damages. For a free consultation, contact our law firm today.