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Many people stopped what they were doing on August 21, 2017 so that they could view the solar eclipse. If you bought protective glasses that were described as ISO-certified or safe for viewing the eclipse but you still experienced eye damage or vision loss, you might have a case against the seller or manufacturer. Talking with a personal injury attorney could help you plan a course of action and protect your rights.

Check the Item’s Description

If you bought the glasses online, find the original link and item description. If the glasses have ISO certification or are certified by one of the other organizations meeting the strict standards for protective glasses that are safe for looking at the sun, you might have a case. Try to capture a screenshot of the item description. If you still have your proof of purchase, keep that, too.

Read the Fine Print

Read the fine print if your glasses came with any product information. The specifications might have additional information about the safety of the glasses or how they should be used for viewing the sun. If no information came with the product, look at the glasses or on the manufacturer’s website for further details.

Contact an Attorney

If a visit to an ophthalmologist proves that your retinal cells were damaged by looking at the solar eclipse despite you properly using the eclipse viewing glasses, you might consider contacting an attorney. An ophthalmologist could look at the glasses that you used and determine if they were the right type of lenses to protect your retinal cells. An attorney could take your case for faulty eclipse viewing glasses.