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Learn about the appropriate actions that you should take immediately following an auto accident when you are traveling out of state. These actions apply whether or not you were injured and regardless of whether or not you were at fault.

Actions to Take in an Out-of-State Auto Accident

Many people travel out of state to visit friends or family, interview for a new job, or take a road trip to see the sights. If you are involved in an auto accident while driving out of state, you might not be sure of how to handle the situation. Experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys can help you navigate the complicated interstate laws and protect your rights.

Call the Police

Most states, including Nevada, require that law enforcement is notified in the event of an auto accident that causes injuries. A call to 9-1-1 is appropriate when someone is injured in an auto accident. The dispatcher will send the nearest police officers to assist at the scene. You will need to be prepared with your driver’s license, insurance, and proof of vehicle registration. Be sure to get the officer’s information and a copy of the incident report or number of the report.

Get Treatment

Do not wait until you have returned home to get treatment. Doing so could significantly worsen your injuries. An immediate evaluation at the nearest emergency room can help to ensure that your health is protected. Most auto and health insurance policies will cover post-accident hospital or doctor visits, even if the facility is not in your coverage network.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Most auto insurance companies stipulate in their policies that you must contact them within a very short time frame after being involved in an auto accident. They will ask you for pertinent information such as the makes and models of all vehicles involved in the collision, the driver’s contact information, the location of the accident, and the name of the responding police officer. You will also need to have the details of any medical professionals or facilities that provided care to you.