by tfarino



Taking Action If You Fall at a Conference for Work

Many people attend one or more work-related conferences each year. These conferences are typically held at convention centers, which are large and have many long hallways, flights of stairs and other places where you might incur an injury. If an accident happens, Las Vegas injury lawyers could listen to your situation and help you to plan a course of action.

Document the Conditions of the Floor

If possible, document the conditions of the floor or stairs where you slipped and fell. Make note of whether there were any caution or wet floor signs. When possible, take digital photographs of the place where you fell. If you were unable to capture photos, it is possible that the facility has video monitoring of the area where you fell.

Find Witnesses Who Saw You Fall

In the aftermath of a fall, you may wish to get the names of people who were around you and saw the accident happen. Having their contact information could help you in case you need a witness statement about the conditions of the facility where you fell. The conference’s attendance list and contact information for attendees may be helpful in this type of a situation.

Look Into Workers’ Compensation and Facility Liability

When you are at a work conference as a part of your job duties, your employer might be liable under workers’ compensation to pay part or all of your lost wages and medical expenses. It is also possible that the facility might hold some liability for not providing a warning or taking care of a spill on the floor. A consultation with injury lawyers could yield helpful guidance.