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Taking Action After Eating Contaminated Food from a Restaurant Worker

You go to a restaurant expecting a tasty meal and relaxing experience. What you may not expect is to feel awful a few days afterward. If you are diagnosed with an infectious illness that contaminated the food you ate at a restaurant, it is important to contact Las Vegas injury lawyers in order to protect your rights.

Common Causes of Contaminated Restaurant Food

Some illnesses can be transmitted from a restaurant worker to the food you eat. Ingesting the food spreads the illness to you. Some common causes of food-borne illness from a restaurant worker include hepatitis A virus, salmonella, influenza, norovirus, shigellosis and E. coli infection. While most people will feel ill for a few days, some people are at a high risk of complications. Children, the elderly and pregnant women have a high risk of severe illness from all of these infections.

Get a Diagnosis

It is important to get a diagnosis when you become severely ill. If you think that your illness is related to eating at a restaurant, tell your healthcare provider. Your doctor may run laboratory tests to check for causes of food-borne illness. If the results are positive, they will be reported to the local health department and state health department. Epidemiologists investigate outbreaks of infectious diseases associated with restaurant visits.

Seek Legal Counsel

Missing work or needing to be hospitalized as a result of eating contaminated food at a restaurant could cost you a lot of money. If you were sickened by a restaurant worker’s germs, contact an injury attorney. The attorney can get records about the outbreak and establish causation of your illness. You may be able to get a financial settlement.