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Windshield Wiper Malfunctions May Lead to Car Accidents

During the Las Vegas rainy season, you may need to use your windshield wiper blades. The rubber blades wear out quickly when exposed to the area’s typical sunny skies and high temperatures. A malfunction of your wiper blades or another driver’s could lead to an accident. If you get hurt under such circumstances, it is important to contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to learn about your rights.

Maintain Your Vehicle

It is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle, which includes the windshield wiper blades. Failing to replace your blades when needed puts the driver on you, especially if you are found to be at least 50 percent to blame for a collision. It is a good idea to check your car’s rubber blades once a week. Replace them when they crack, shed, get stiff or squeak.

Test Your Blades

Even when it is not raining, test your windshield wiper blades to make sure they are functioning. You could do this in the car wash or at home. To do it at home, clean the windshield with the washer fluid, turning the wiper blades on for a few minutes to see how they perform. You could also have someone spray the windshield with a garden hose and turn the wiper blades on at that time.

Document Conditions

If someone else crashes into you during a rain event, try to document the conditions. Take photos. Capture a video that shows your wiper blades working. Keep notes about whether the other driver had their headlights and windshield wipers on. If the other driver failed to maintain his or her car or use his or her safety devices, he or she may have more liability for your injuries in an accident.