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Contacting a lawyer is a good way to protect your rights when you get hurt out on the road because of a defective bicycle.

Bike-Related Injury and Your Rights in Nevada

One of the many case types that Las Vegas injury attorneys handle is injuries that occur due to defective products. Although many people are aware of bike-related injuries caused by drivers, not many people think about the effects of accidents caused by bad bike assembly. However, these injuries are often serious or even life-threatening.

How Do Things Go Wrong With Bikes?

In many cases, the problems with bikes come about as a result of poor or non-existent bike adjustment. Many customers buy lower-priced bikes from retailers that don’t specialize in quality bicycles. As a result, they are either made with lesser-quality parts or poorly assembled.

What May Happen

Broken bones are among some of the most common injuries that people sustain while riding bikes. If you’re on a mountain trail in the area or even in city traffic, having something go wrong with your bike may put you in a most dangerous situation. Brake failure, bent wheels, or loose handlebars are problems that may occur with badly-assembled bikes.

Your Next Steps If You’re Injured

Even though many people don’t regard some injuries like road burn as being serious, consulting with a lawyer is a good idea after an incident involving a defective product. A lawyer may be able to help you receive appropriate compensation for any injuries. You will also want to consider this option in any case so that you have a better idea of what your rights are under Nevada law.