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Understanding what to do after a boating accident can save a life while ensuring your constitutional rights are protected. Victims of boat or marine accidents in Nevada are legally entitled to file a lawsuit to recover damages.

Our Las Vegas Boating Accident Lawyer at Moss Berg Injury Law can help you with the lawsuit process and advise you on how to proceed with your request for damages.

Identifying the Most Common Boating Accidents

These are the most common categories of incidents involving boats:

  • Falling Overboard
    The most frequent cause of fatal boating accidents is falling overboard.
  • Putting a cap on
    Fatal boat accidents can frequently occur when a boat overturns or capsizes due to a powerful wave or collision.
  • Accident
    Accidents involving stationary objects or other moving vessels also frequently result in fatalities.
  • Departed Vessel
    When a passenger dives or jumps off a boat, the vessel departs, changing course abruptly and potentially killing anyone in the water nearby.
  • Flooding
    The captain and passengers are in great danger of drowning in the event of a boat flood, which can be deadly.

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Boating Accident?

A busy day at the lake can transform in the blink of an eye. Additionally, your actions immediately after a boating accident could save lives. Ensure your loved ones return safely to shore by following the following six procedures.

  1. Request Help: Don’t let fear prevent you from getting help. Contact the authorities or launch a distress signal as soon as you can.
  2. Find Your Life Jackets: Life jackets are something that many boaters frequently forget to bring, although they are required by law in many states. If your friends and relatives are not wearing lifejackets, they should be. Particularly for kids and others who can’t swim.
  3. Evaluate Your Surroundings: Look for potential hazards near your boats, such as smoke, fire, or leased fuel. Escaping a dangerous vehicle when you are on the water is harder. Keep an extra flotation device on hand in case of emergency.
  4. Get Medical Attention Right Away: You and your companions must seek medical attention as quickly as possible for any injuries sustained during the accident.
  5. File an accident report: As soon as you are back on solid ground, you should notify the authorities of the accident and provide a detailed account of what happened that day. This will support the post-accident case development of your boating accident lawyer.
  6. Legal Help: Speak with a skilled boating accident lawyer before contacting your insurance provider. They can assist you in obtaining the appropriate legal assistance and compensation you are entitled to.

Some Important Legal Advice


Whether cruising the waters of Lake Mead or exploring the Colorado River, knowing the legal steps to take following a boating accident in Nevada is crucial for any boat operator or passenger:

  1. Seek Immediate Legal Consultation: The first thing you should do is speak with a lawyer specializing in maritime or boating law after ensuring everyone is okay and reporting the accident. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide priceless guidance on handling the complicated aspects of your case and safeguarding your rights. They can help you communicate with insurance providers, file any required reports, and, if required, take legal action.
  2. Recognize Your Rights and Responsibilities: Learn about the laws and rules regarding boating in Nevada and your rights and obligations in the event of an accident. This means knowing how to report an accident, your responsibilities to injured parties, and the deadlines for filing legal claims. To protect your interests and ensure you follow all legal responsibilities, an attorney can assist in understanding these points.
  3. Handle Insurance Claims with Legal Assistance: Handling insurance claims can be difficult, particularly when they involve boating accidents and the complex legal situation. Throughout this procedure, your lawyer may be quite helpful, handling anything from making sure you submit all of the documents to representing you in negotiations with insurance companies. They can assist you in understanding the scope of your rights, the coverage provided by your insurance policy, and how to best prepare to maximize your claim.

Filing a Report on a Boat Accident

Reporting a boat accident to the US Coast Guard makes sense because the agency’s accident report will include important details on how the collision occurred. Federal law requires that the accident be reported in specific situations. Attorneys for Personal Injury in Las Vegas will tell you that filing a report is essential to ensuring you receive the proper benefits.

Contact a Boating Accident Attorney in Nevada Today

If you’ve been in a boat accident in Nevada, don’t try to handle the complicated legal system by yourself. Moss Berg Injury Lawyers specializes in maritime law and is committed to getting you the help and compensation you deserve.

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