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Tips to Avoid Drowsy Driving

You likely know that driving while impaired on drugs or alcohol is never a good idea. You also know that driving while using a phone or while otherwise distracted is dangerous. However, you may not know that driving while tired can have the same impact as driving while drunk or distracted. There are some ways you can avoid driving when you’re too tired to do so safely.

Take a Nap

If you haven’t slept for at least four of the past 24 hours, you should take a nap prior to driving. Alternatively, you can choose to pull over and take a quick nap if you feel tired after starting your drive to work, school or wherever else you are going. Short naps of about 20 minutes can provide a quick jolt of energy that can help you focus on the road and avoid getting into an accident.

Have Someone Else Drive for You

If there is another person in the vehicle with you, have him or her drive while you take a nap. Of course, this assumes that your passenger has had sufficient sleep and is not otherwise impaired on drugs or alcohol. In the event that there is no one capable of driving, call a taxi or book a driver through a rideshare app on your phone. While you may need to leave your car where it is, it is safer to pick it up later as opposed to getting into an accident.

Legal Help Is Available After an Accident

If you are involved in an accident with a drowsy driver, Las Vegas injury lawyers may be able to offer assistance. Attorneys may be able to review a case to determine if you are entitled to compensation. A lawyer may also represent your interests in court or during informal settlement talks.