by tfarino



Cases of personal injury can involve any of a number of circumstances including automobile accidents, a slip and fall, or defective products. Each of these claims presents a number of challenges that you have to circumnavigate in order to win a lawsuit.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

You may not be equipped to do most of the work necessary to win a personal injury claim. A good personal injury attorney will take you through all the steps of filing and proving your case so that you can be compensated for any injuries sustained from the accident.

The Two Most Important Rules

1. If seriously injured, see a doctor first. It can be infuriating when, in an auto accident, the other driver appears to be fully responsible, and the amassing of evidence for a lawsuit begins before seeking medical attention. Keep in mind that failure to “mitigate your losses,” or take steps to ensure existing injuries don’t worsen, could reduce the amount you recover in damages.

2. File a police report. It helps to have an official report, and this way, you have an undisputed record that can be used in court and improves your case. Because police will no longer come to the scene of an accident unless there is injury, evidence of impairment or refusal to exchange information, this means going to a police station and filling out forms. Names and dates have to be accurate; otherwise, the validity of your report may be questioned in court.

Avoid Contact With the Other Party

Unless you’re planning to settle without going through the at fault driver’s insurance company, there isn’t a need to contact or speak to the offender. According to the law, you are under no obligation to make statements to the offender at the site or in court.

Keep a Record of All Expenditures Related to the Injury

Medical records and bills are the most important documents when attempting to relate your injuries to your accident. It is also important to keep track of any out of pocket expenses as well as lost wages if the injury forced you out of work, etc. Keep a record of all spending while you can still remember the details.

Don’t Handle a Lawsuit by Yourself

The point of hiring a personal injury lawyer is to ensure that there’s no guesswork. You must make sure that the person handling the case is a proficient in this field because there are many potential situations that could affect the value of your claim. This will ensure you are better prepared when the other party decides to defend the case with their own attorneys.