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How Negligence Can Impact Your Child at School

Schools are responsible for the security and safety of each student who steps foot on the property. When a teacher stops paying attention, or the school knowingly ignores a needed repair, kids can become sick or injured. After consulting with a lawyer, you’ll learn why you should file a lawsuit against the school or responsible individual after an incident.

What Constitutes Negligence?

Negligence is a term that applies when one person or a group of people acts in a way that negatively impacts or harms others. A teacher who leaves a classroom unattended to make a phone call, stops watching the kids as they run around the playground, or uses drugs and alcohol while in charge of a classroom acts in a negligent manner. The school itself may be responsible for negligence too. Administration may ignore needed repairs, forget to put up signs in a potentially dangerous area, or leave broken glass and other trash on the playground.

Injuries and Illnesses

When a school administrator or teacher acts negligently, your child may develop an illness or suffer some type of injury. Illnesses can occur when cafeteria workers serve outdated food, janitors mix the wrong cleaning supplies together or teachers give children access to harmful chemicals. Your child may become injured by tripping over a broken step on the way to class, falling on a broken bottle in the playground or slipping on a recently mopped floor.

Proving Negligence

Nevada courts require that the negligence was deliberate and not accidental. Las Vegas injury lawyers may be able to demonstrate that individual teachers or administrators deliberately knew that what they did was wrong and did it anyway or that there was a problem that needed to be solved. As long as you can prove that negligence in a courtroom, you have the legal right to hold the school responsible for the illness or injury that your child experienced.