by tfarino



Stay Protected, Not Just Safe, When Playing Sports

Even though you feel protected by your league’s insurance and have to pay a bunch of premiums and fees, you still might be liable for injury to yourself or others. From flag football and disc golf to fencing, softball, and even bocce, any type of sport can cause a wide range of injuries. A minor scrape is easy to laugh off, but what if you wind up in a hospital in Las Vegas? Are you prepared to pay those bills?

League Insurance Might Not Cover You

Did you sign paperwork when you joined your local sports league in Nevada? If so, you probably assumed responsibility for anything that happens to you and maybe even anything that happens to someone else because of you. What initially starts as a simple collision over home plate might become a years-long legal headache if the other guy’s leg breaks. The league and venue where the accident occurred will probably not be held responsible.

Your Insurance Might Not Cover You

Most people think their own health insurance or homeowners’ (or renters’) policy will protect them. Unfortunately, if you’re engaging in athletic activities, you might fall under a coverage cap or into a loophole of “high-risk” behavior that is not covered. Hospital bills will be sooner than you think, and insurance payments, if they happen at all, are not going to be as prompt.

A Lawyer Can Protect You

Insurance gaps are no reason to stop engaging in your favorite sports in Las Vegas. Wearing your safety gear is a good start, but you should also do some research. Don’t rely on just your mouthguard or insurance. You should consult with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to make sure you’re prepared in case anything goes wrong. Carry the business card of a professional you trust, so you can feel free to push just a little harder for that extra point.