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After an auto accident or a slip-and-fall accident, you may experience an injury that necessitates a trip to the emergency room at your hospital. A long wait in the emergency department could cause complications and an increase in symptom severity.

How to Handle Long Emergency Room Wait Times for Injuries

When you have had a slip-and-fall accident or an auto crash, you may be directed to the nearest emergency room. Unfortunately, most emergency rooms have a long wait for triage, evaluation and treatment. If your injury is worsened by the long wait, it is important to contact Las Vegas injury attorneys to assist you in protecting your rights.

Explain Your Circumstances

After a slip-and-fall accident or an auto accident, it is important to explain your circumstances to the check-in nurse in the emergency department. If you drove yourself to the emergency center, there could be an initial perception that your injuries are minor. Be sure to explain the type of crash, the damage to the vehicle and the involved vehicles’ rates of speed. If you slipped and fell, explain any extenuating circumstances, such as the distance you fell and the type of surface you landed on.

Describe Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, such as osteoporosis, tell the emergency room’s staff. You may have an increased risk of fracture. If you take any blood thinners or have other conditions, explain those, too. Blood thinners and other medications could increase your risk of internal bleeding and other injuries that are not visually obvious.

Check in Regularly

During your wait in the triage area, be sure to check in with staff regularly. It will not be bothersome to the emergency room personnel if you check in once an hour to see where you are on the list of patients waiting to be evaluated. Keep in mind that severe trauma and patients in life-threatening situations, such as heart attacks, strokes and gunshot wounds, may be moved to the beginning of the line. If your injuries are worsened by a long wait, be sure to see an injury lawyer for a consultation.