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A car accident can occur for dozens of different reasons, but the person responsible for that accident is also responsible for your expenses. Learn more about the compensation you might receive before a consultation with a lawyer.

What Compensation Can You Get After an Automobile Accident?

When another driver takes his or her eyes off the road to answer a phone call, look at someone on the sidewalk or talk to people in the backseat, that individual may cause a serious accident that leaves you with a broken car and serious injuries. While the insurance companies will work together to decide how much you deserve, your lawyer can talk with you about the special types of compensation he or she can seek on your behalf.

Compensatory Damages

Most of the compensation that you receive falls under the category of compensatory damages. This term refers to anything that you can specifically prove. The wages that you lost because of your injury falls under this category, but it also refers to the cost of repairing your car and any medical bills you accumulate too. Even if the insurance pays for those bills, you may find that you need additional cash to cover the bills that you may incur in the future.

Pain and Suffering

An accident lawyer at a Las Vegas firm may also explain that you deserve compensation for any emotional pain and suffering you experience. After a head injury, you may suffer from migraines or neck pain that worsens when you do certain activities. Emotional pain and suffering may also include any mental issues you suffer from because of the accident and your injuries. Though Nevada places a cap on the total amount you can get, your lawyer can help you work out a settlement with the responsible driver and his or her insurer.

Find a Lawyer Today

The sooner you find a lawyer, the faster you can seek compensation for the damages and injuries you sustained in an automobile accident. Nevada allows injured parties to seek financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property repair bills and any emotional pain or suffering they experience because of that car accident.