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Protecting Your Rights After an Accident With a Utility Truck

Utility trucks are around the Las Vegas area on a daily basis in order to ensure that electrical, telephone, cable, internet, gas and water lines are in optimal operating condition. The size of utility trucks makes them a considerable hazard in the event of an accident. If a negligent driver of a utility truck is at fault for an accident that causes you to be injured, it is important to contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to protect your rights.

Consider the Situation

Utility truck drivers may have to rush to the scene of a problem in order to protect the public’s safety. For example, if a utility pole is in the street and live wires are dangling, it is an emergency situation. A utility truck driver may have the right of way on streets that are typically one-way. The size of utility trucks means that it takes longer to come to a complete stop, and wet roads or streets with debris on them could lengthen that stopping time. That can cause you to be injured in the event of an accident with one of these trucks.

Observe the Environment

Consider the location where the accident took place. A malfunctioning traffic signal might not be the fault of the driver. If the utility truck itself malfunctioned, the driver might not be at fault. For example, if the crane and bucket crashes down onto your vehicle or into the street right in front of you, it could be considered a faultless accident.

Filing a Claim

After an accident with a utility truck, determine if the utility is a private company, such as a phone service provider, or a public entity, such as the local water authority. This could result in different courses of action. Be sure to promptly contact a lawyer and report the accident to police and insurance before filing legal claims.