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Many people enjoy a leisurely game of golf or membership in a competitive golf league. If you are injured as the result of a poorly maintained cart or course, it is important to understand your rights under Nevada law.

What to Do If You Are Injured While Playing Golf

Golf is not generally thought of as a high-risk sport, but it is possible to get hurt during a round on the greens. From poor maintenance of the cart to holes or divots on the fairways or greens, any number of injuries could happen. If you get hurt while playing a game of golf at your club or on a public course, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, and learn about your rights.

Examine the Area

Grounds crews at golf courses try to keep the greens in good condition. However, they cannot be out there all of the time. It is possible that the group of golfers who went out before you made a divot or hole in the rough that was difficult to see because of the tall grass. Look around and see if there is an obvious cause of why you became injured.

Document the Problem

If there is a hole or divot on the greens, take photos of it. If you were injured by the golf cart, try to document that as well. Documenting golf cart injuries may be tricky. Unless you are a trained mechanic, you might not be able to tell that the vehicle’s brakes did not work. Try to take notes and get the contact information of the others in your party who may have seen what happened.

Get Treatment

Some common golf course injuries such as a trip and fall caused by problems with the pathways or greens could result in a strain, sprain, or fractured bone. A malfunctioning cart could push you down or cause a crushing type of injury. All of these injuries require prompt treatment. If you do have an injury requiring medical care or physical therapy, keep your medical records and speak with an attorney to evaluate your situation.