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Taking Action After Getting Injured at a Museum or Gallery

A visit to an art gallery or museum might seem like one of the safest possible things you could do. However, poor maintenance, a leaky water fountain or a spill left on the floor could result in a serious slip-and-fall injury. If you get hurt at one of these places, it’s important to take prompt action. Injury attorneys are an invaluable resource if you need advice or information about your rights under Nevada law.

Consider the Circumstances

Museum and gallery owners and maintenance staff cannot be everywhere all the time. If the person walking in front of you spilled his or her drink, it’s unlikely that the janitorial staff could immediately come and clean it by the time you step in it. Someone who just used the water fountain might have left a few drops behind on the floor. A lawyer could advise you about negligent maintenance versus an unaware person who strolled through the area just before you.

Document the Scene of the Injury

If possible, document the scene of where you got hurt. In particular, pay attention to things that could be maintenance problems, such as a loose or missing handrail or a cracked pipe. Be sure to also get the names of other patrons who witnessed your injury.

Consider the Situation

In a social environment, a spilled drink and the resulting puddle of water could be considered a risk you are accepting simply by attending the event. It’s reasonable to consider that one person out of 100 in a crowd could spill something. However, a slippery floor caused by recent cleaning or a leaking fixture could be considered a known problem that necessitates a large, obvious warning sign. Negligent maintenance could be a reason for you to pursue legal action against the facility’s owner.