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To receive a fair settlement after a car accident, one needs to be careful when speaking to different insurance companies. Only saying what is necessary and being cautious helps one get enough compensation for injuries and damages.

Handling Insurance Companies After a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you were injured in a Las Vegas car accident that someone else was responsible for, you could receive compensation. Once you make the decision to file a claim for the damages you suffered, a representative from another party’s insurance company might contact you. Here are some tips when dealing with insurance adjusters.

Exchanging Contact Info

When talking to another person’s insurance provider, it is important to be polite but brief. This is an opportunity to collect and share basic information, but serious discussions about an accident can be left to a personal injury attorney. Ask for and record the contact information for the insurance company, who they represent and who is calling. Similarly, only give details like your name, number and address.

Keep It Brief

Details about an accident should only cover simple facts like when and where. Stick to general information without committing to specifics, and inform the adjuster that you will share your findings in due time when your examination of the accident is finished. The extent of some injuries are not always known at the time of a crash, so wait until forming your compensation request to speak about your injuries. When asked about witnesses or other responsible parties, only mention that these people may be involved if this is applicable. You can also ask the adjuster if they know about any witnesses or other responsible parties.

Take Your Time

An insurance adjuster might offer a settlement amount after a few calls. Resolving a personal injury claim quickly and receiving a settlement is tempting, but hastily accepting an offer is usually not wise, as the true extent of damages may not be known yet. While an insurance adjuster might attempt to call you multiple times, you can use a personal injury lawyer who could talk to adjusters instead and represent your best interests.