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Hiring a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas might feel like a big step to take after an accident. This may be an unfamiliar service for you, and you’re uncertain whether you need legal representation to complete your accident claim. In all honesty, not every accident requires a personal injury lawyer, but some cases absolutely benefit from knowledgeable legal support. Before making a decision one way or the other, you should consider your comfort level with handling the situation, the seriousness of your injuries, and other factors that could complicate your access to compensation.

Self Assessment

As you consider what injury lawyers in Las Vegas can do for you, be sure to think about what you feel comfortable doing for yourself. Some people are quite capable of completing insurance forms and documenting their evidence accurately. You may even possess some insurance expertise and know what the process will be like.

However, even if you are usually a good candidate for dealing with an insurance claim, do not underestimate how your injuries and pain could interfere with this. If you are in pain and going to multiple medical appointments, you might be too exhausted to concentrate on the details of your legal case.

You should also think about the burden of negotiations. A lengthy back and forth of offers and counteroffers may be necessary to arrive at a settlement. Not everyone has experience with negotiation or is capable of standing firm during difficult conversations. This is an area where a personal injury lawyer should excel. If you are facing significant financial damages after an accident, then you need resources on your side to oppose an insurer’s natural desire to limit your compensation.

personal injury lawyer

When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Benefit You

At least five situations justify consulting an injury lawyer. You may only need information about where you stand legally, or you could have a case that requires a dedicated litigator. Injury lawyers in Vegas can often determine where you fall on this spectrum of legal needs when they meet with accident victims.

personal injury lawyer

1. Serious Injuries

Serious or even catastrophic injuries produce immense financial damages. Medical conditions that require prolonged rehabilitation could quickly drive your expenses into six figures. Disabling injuries that leave you unable to work or even enjoy life have the potential to require settlements into the millions.

Unless your injuries are relatively minor and expected to heal quickly, you may want to hold off on accepting the first settlement offer an insurer proposes. This is especially the case with head trauma and neck or back injuries. The full impact of them may take weeks or months to emerge.

Many serious injuries progress unpredictably. You may take longer than average to heal and therefore lose more income. Physicians often need weeks or months to evaluate your progress before providing a realistic assessment about whether you will recover fully or face life with a physical limitation. With help from a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, you can gain the time that you need to understand the full consequences of what happened to you.

2. Uncertain of Your Damages

When you’re not sure of the value of your accident claim, talking to a lawyer is a logical step. Your uncertainty may arise from not knowing when or if you’ll recover from injuries. However, in less dire situations, you may need more information about the types of losses you have a right to collect. An insurer will not be a good source of information in that regard.

Many forms of damages could be recoverable beyond medical bills and lost pay. Transportation costs of going to medical specialists is one example. Paying for child care when an accident leaves you unable to attend to young children is another.

If you’re self-employed, calculating your lost income is usually more difficult than a W-2 for an employee. Additionally, an insurer may see your self-employment as an opportunity to dispute your lost income claims.

Attaching a dollar figure to pain and suffering also presents difficulties. Injury lawyers in Las Vegas strive to help people prove the subjective aspects of their losses.

personal injury lawyer

3. Insurance Company Gives You the Run-Around

At some point, an insurer’s slow service could cross the line into bad faith.

Insurance bad faith takes many forms, including:

  • Unnecessary delays
  • Overly burdensome and repetitive paperwork
  • Misleading you with bad information
  • Not investigating your claim
  • Altering insurance policy terms
  • Trying to bully you into accepting an unfair settlement
  • Denying your legitimate claim completely

Legal representation becomes very important when an insurer puts up unreasonable or illegal roadblocks. Aside from bad faith actions, insurers generally employ some tactics meant to reduce your compensation. A personal injury lawyer could protect you from common strategies used against victims.

4. You’re Accused of Causing the Accident

Nevada law recognizes the concept of comparative negligence, which means you cannot recover damages if evidence shows that you were more than 50% responsible for the accident. In the absence of ironclad evidence, your opponent may try to dodge liability. Proving that you’re not responsible or only responsible to a minor degree may rely on a thorough accident investigation and expert testimony. Some injury lawyers in Vegas have the resources to supply this level of service.

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5. Your Case Involves Complex Laws or Multiple Parties

When you have been wronged by a negligent party, the case might seem simple to you. Many circumstances, however, can create complex legal questions. For example, defective product injuries may require an intense investigation to determine who was to blame and what type of negligence occurred. Accidents with commercial trucks offer another example of complicated cases. Multiple parties are usually involved in the operation of a single truck, and they may try to pass the blame around instead of paying you.

Accident claims against governmental agencies represent another tricky area of law. Although insurance policies should be available to pay you, different liability laws apply to governments than commercial or private entities.

Clear Answers About Your Rights After an Accident

Speaking with an injury lawyer after an accident should be your immediate next step after getting medical care. Unless you obviously have a low-stakes accident claim or have already been offered the maximum available in insurance coverage, you need clear information about the value of your claim. Moss Berg Injury Lawyers is a firm in Las Vegas that has earned many awards and accolades from the legal community on top of recovering millions for accident victims. We’re happy to offer you a free consultation. Contact us today.

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