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When to Settle a Lawsuit Instead of Going to Court

A personal injury occurs when you are hurt because of the fault or negligence of another individual or a company. These injuries can occur in car accidents, at a restaurant or store, or even on the property of a neighbor. Though you can go forward with a trial in front of a judge, there are a few reasons you may decide that it makes more sense to settle the case.

You Need Money Fast

Not everyone has a bank account that serves as an emergency fund. When you are in an accident and have injuries that keep you from working, you may run through what little savings you have and find yourself behind on your bills. If you need money quickly, you can settle the case and get cash faster. Most insurance companies will take into account your living expenses and will give you an amount to cover all your bills.

You Want to Save Time

During a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, that attorney will give you an idea of how long the trial will take. The Nevada statute of limitations gives you two years to file a personal injury case, but the trial itself can take much longer. This could require that you take time off from work or school. If you cannot take time away from your personal obligations, you can work with your lawyer to settle the case.

You Don’t Have Much Evidence

It also makes sense to settle when you do not have much evidence on your side. This can occur because you threw away a product or because the at-fault company got rid of its security footage. Your lawyer can work with the person you sue to prove that a lawsuit can happen, which can encourage that party to settle. Settling a personal injury case gives you the cash that you need for your bills, helps you save time and lets you prove your case without gathering a lot of evidence or going before a judge.