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Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of automobile accidents in Nevada and are responsible for around 30% of all collisions in the United States. Usually, these accidents occur unexpectedly and jolt unsuspecting drivers and passengers forward abruptly. This can lead to all kinds of injuries, such as whiplash, neck, and head injuries.

Were you rear-ended in Nevada? These accidents can be a real issue with traffic that stops and starts suddenly, sightseers who are not watching the road, and irregular drivers on the Las Vegas Strip. You might be wondering what you can do legally after being hit by a careless driver. Victims may be owed financial compensation for their pain, suffering, property damage, or physical injuries. Here, we will go over everything you need to know about who is at fault after a collision of this kind and when to call a Nevada personal injury lawyer.

About Rear-End Collisions and Following Too Closely
Nevada rear-end collision and negligence laws fall under NRS 484B.127. This legal code provides specific guidelines on how closely one vehicle can follow another on the road. Drivers who follow too closely and cause rear-end collisions are usually found liable and held at fault for any resulting damages.

However, the circumstances of your accident and events surrounding a collision will be taken into consideration, and things are not always as cut and dry as they may appear. Keep reading to learn more, or contact a skilled attorney for assistance.

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After getting hurt in a rear-end collision in Nevada, you may be left with many questions. Determining fault can be a complicated process. If you need help gathering evidence to prove negligence and file injury, property, or other claims after an automobile accident in Nevada, we encourage you to contact the top-rated personal injury attorneys at Moss Berg. At Moss Berg Injury Law, we are passionate about helping rear-end collision victims access recovery and seek justice! To speak with a skilled Moss Berg car accident lawyer in Nevada, call 702-222-4555. Or click here to learn more and schedule a consultation online.

What to Know About Nevada’s Rear-End Collision and Liability Laws

car accident lawyer in Nevada

In Nevada, the law states that drivers must leave a reasonable amount of space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. Drivers have to be ready to stop suddenly without hitting anyone else. It is a misdemeanor moving violation if one driver fails to behave prudently on the road, failing to maintain a reasonable following distance between themselves and other vehicles. Additionally, following too closely may be considered negligence and grounds for fault if a civil car accident claim is filed.

So what precisely counts as a reasonable distance between vehicles? Well, it will depend on the driving circumstances. For instance, the speeds other vehicles are going, how much traffic is on the road, what the weather conditions are like, and what kind of vehicle someone is driving must all be taken into consideration when determining prudent following distances.

According to NRS 484B.127 and 484B.127, Tailgating is Illegal
Following too closely may also be considered tailgating in Nevada, which is illegal. When tailgating results in an accident, the driver following too closely may be liable for damages. According to the law, drivers are not legally allowed to follow other vehicles more closely than is reasonable. Also, trucks are required to leave at least 500 feet of space when passing another vehicle.

What are the driver assistance platooning exceptions?

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The state of Nevada has a legal exception for something called driver-assisted platooning technology. According to NRS 482A.032, this technology allows vehicles to safely travel uniformly even if they are close to one another. However, the law is clear that Automated Driving Systems are not the same as driver-assisted platooning features. So, whether a driver is held liable may depend on the type of driver assistance features their vehicle was implementing at the time of the crash.

What Happens After a Rear-End Accident?
If you are hit from behind when driving, you should immediately move to safety and attend to your injuries and the injuries of any passengers in your vehicle. Then, you will need to contact the police. At this point, calling an injury attorney may be a smart move. Remain at the scene of the accident and wait for responders to arrive.

Be sure to fulfill all state requirements and report the accident. Also, exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. It may also be wise to gather the contact information of any accident witnesses. You can also get the business card of the lead responding police officer so that you will be able to obtain a police report later. If you are severely injured, ask a loved one to gather witness statements and information for you. You can also ask them to take pictures of the scene of the crash and contact an attorney on your behalf.

Do You Need A Lawyer After A Rear-End Collision?
It will depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Hiring an attorney is always a good idea to get the best settlement amount or file claims more easily. You might want to hire a lawyer to help you prove the validity of your claims after a collision as well. This is especially true if the negligent driver is trying to deny their part in an accident.

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Were you recently in a rear-end collision in Nevada? Car crashes can be traumatic experiences, often leaving injured victims to wonder who is responsible for property damage, medical expenses, and the like. Nevada has specific guidelines that are used to determine fault after an automobile collision.

If you aren’t familiar with local statutes and regulations, it can be hard to determine who was at fault after your accident. Not to mention, every automobile accident differs slightly. If you need assistance determining fault after your accident or want a professional to help you gather evidence to prove negligence on the part of the other driver, hiring a skilled personal injury attorney may be the best course of action.

If You are Hurt, We Can Help!

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car accident lawyer in Nevada