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How to Pay Medical Bills After a Crash Without Insurance

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may need to take an ambulance to the hospital. You may then need to pay to be admitted to the hospital and to be seen by a doctor. Finally, it may be necessary to pay for medication or medical procedures designed to stabilize your condition. Who pays these costs if you don’t have insurance?

An Uninsured Person May Receive a Bill From a Care Provider

Typically, hospitals and other medical facilities will bill an uninsured person directly for services rendered. However, this doesn’t mean that you are the one who will ultimately make a payment or payments to care providers. If the accident wasn’t your fault, the person who caused the crash will usually be liable for most or all of the financial damages that you incur. Your personal injury attorney may be able to further explain who pays hospital and other bills after a car wreck.

You Can Negotiate the Cost of Services Rendered

There is a good chance that a hospital or other care facility will let you negotiate for a lower payment. If you can’t even pay a portion of what you originally owed, it may be possible to ask the facility to use its charitable fund to pay off your balance. Most hospitals have these funds, and it may be necessary to draw from those reserves before attempting to send a bill to collections.

A Demand for Payment Could Be Delayed

Once a creditor finds out that you intend to file a lawsuit, it may postpone a demand for payment. However, there is still a chance that interest or other fees will be added to the debt as it remains in limbo. Your attorney will likely be able to work with your creditors as the case progresses.