by tfarino



Ways to Successfully Network With a Lawyer Without a Cellphone

Mobile phones are used by many individuals on a regular basis, and a simple automobile accident can easily damage key hardware that powers a cellphone. If you had an accident and damaged your phone, the process of networking with a lawyer may seem challenging. Although a cellphone makes negotiations easier, you can still network effectively with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas while your phone is damaged.

Design a Schedule for Your Traditional Landline Phone

During your legal consultation, you should let the lawyer know that you don’t have a cellphone, and you must also design a schedule that highlights the best times to call your landline phone. If your landline phone has a call waiting feature, you’ll never miss a call when the lawyer needs to reach you. However, when a phone doesn’t have this feature, other steps must be taken to ensure that all calls are received. In this situation, you should tell everyone who networks with you on a regular basis to only dial your number within certain hours. This strategy will ensure that you’ll never miss an important call from your lawyer because someone else is using your phone.

Arrange Strategic Appointments That Suit Your Schedule

If you spend many hours running errands or tackling other important tasks throughout the day, you should design a schedule so that you can visit the law firm when your lawyer needs to give you new information. Because lawyers are very busy, you may only acquire a few appointments, so you should pick practical days and hours to have the consultations and strategic meetings.