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An individual accident insurance policy fills the gaps in coverage from health and disability plans. The extra coverage helps you pay bills, especially if money is not coming because you can’t work. When you have questions about coordinating coverage or appealing an insurance denial, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas will find answers for you. 


Expenses Covered by Accident Insurance


Insurers offer accident policies meant to cover expenses arising from accident injuries or accidental deaths. Examples of these expenses include health plan deductibles and co-pays that you have to pay out of pocket. Your health plan may also only pay for a percentage of costs allowed. As a result, you can expect plenty of bills to land in your mailbox when you’re recuperating after an accident. 


By paying your accident insurance premium, you anticipate relief from these financial difficulties. Qualifying for coverage under your accident policy starts with experiencing an accident that meets the criteria outlined in your specific policy. 


Upon meeting that requirement, policies pay for many expenses, including:injury attorney


  • Hospital bills
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Dental services
  • Ambulance transport
  • Surgery
  • Medical equipment
  • Prescription medication
  • Transportation and lodging
  • Burial expenses
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Follow-up medical appointments


The language within your policy will state precisely what types of accidents qualify for coverage. Additionally, the insurance contract will explain which expenses of different kinds of care enable you to submit a claim. 


Exceptions to Accident Insurance Coverage


As with all things related to insurance, no policy covers everything. Because accidents do not necessarily fit into neat categories, you may want advice from a personal injury Las Vegas lawyer who understands accidents and insurance coverage. 


Generally, the bulk of exceptions within an accident policy apply to situations like preexisting conditions and abnormally risky activities. For example, you can expect policies to exclude expenses related to skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, or race car driving. 


Other common exclusions from coverage are:


  • Diseases
  • Dangerous activities
  • Accidents resulting from intoxication
  • Accidents resulting from criminal acts
  • Preexisting injuries
  • Suicide and self-injury


The Policy Pays Youaccident lawyer las vegas


Accident insurance appeals to people because the insurer pays you. The money does not go to health care providers. You get to choose whether the money goes to unpaid medical bills or your house payment. 


Disbursements to you are based on claims that reflect qualifying expenses after a covered accident. You shouldn’t have to wait a long time to receive funds either. Accident policies are marketed to consumers for their ability to put cash in people’s hands as soon as possible after a negative event. Approved claims should send you money within a couple of weeks. 


The relative speed of accident insurance payments could prevent you from falling behind on paying your living expenses while waiting for a disability policy to activate. In some cases, accident insurance may also aid people waiting on settlements from negligent parties who caused the accidents. 


Making a claim does not involve meeting any deductible or co-pay first. An accident policy exists to supplement your immediate financial needs in the aftermath of an accidental injury. 


The potential benefits and peace of mind provided by accident policies usually come with a relatively low cost. An accident insurance premium does not need to be high because its coverage is not open ended. Policies define maximum payouts and benefits only last for a limited time. 

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Who Should Get Accident Insurance?


Everyone faces the risk of an accident, but some people have a greater need for this supplemental coverage than others. Many employers only connect their employees to high-deductible health plans that shift large financial burdens onto injured policyholders. A survey published in Forbes determined that 63 percent of respondents lacked the spare cash to pay for emergencies costing as little as $500. People in that position must borrow money or forego paying other bills to cover emergencies. For this demographic, accident insurance could mean the difference between falling into debt or remaining financially stable. 


Overall, candidates for accident insurance include:


  • People with active lifestyles
  • Families with active members including youth athletes
  • People whose health plans have large deductibles
  • People who have limited savings
  • People who cannot qualify for disability insurance

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Legal Support After an Accident


You might view your accident as a qualifying event to receive benefits, but your insurer does not. Perhaps you’ve been the victim of another person’s negligence and want information about recovering damages from a third party. At Moss Berg, you can discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. Our firm has experience managing cases involving all types of accidents. Whether you need to confront an individual or a large corporation about your accident damages, we are prepared to defend your best interests. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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