Concussions arise from blows or jolts to the head or neck. The impact jiggles or shifts the brain inside the skull and results in a traumatic brain injury. Most victims recover fully, but the risk of dangerous complications or long-term disability exists. You should never ignore signs of a concussion after an accident. 


Seek Medical Attentionaccident attorney


 An evaluation by a physician is appropriate after any accident that involved a blow to your head. If you experience symptoms of a concussion, then medical help becomes urgent. For the sake of your health, you do not want to wait for the situation to worsen. Additionally, Las Vegas injury lawyers will need medical records about your condition after the accident should you choose to prepare an insurance claim or lawsuit. 


Signs and Symptoms of Concussions


 Motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and athletic activities are common sources of concussions. Getting hit in the head by falling objects in any setting could cause a concussion as well. Some concussion symptoms present immediately or in the first hours following an accident. However, symptoms can emerge days or weeks later. 


 Concussions produce one or more of the following symptoms: accident attorney reviews concussion symptoms


  • Headache or migraine
  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Blurred vision or seeing stars
  • Ear ringing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Depression
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Dazed appearance
  • Slurred speech
  • Slow responses to questions


 Sometimes people lose consciousness at the time of injury. When this happens, the victim should go to an emergency room right away. Concussion victims may not notice their symptoms. Their friends and family could observe their cognitive difficulties. If you see someone having trouble thinking or acting sleepy after a head injury, urge the person to seek medical care. 


 If the situation that led to your accident involved another party’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas could document your symptoms and medical expenses. Lost income and medical expenses related to the concussion may be recoverable from the responsible party. In severe cases, victims may qualify for non-economic damages for pain and suffering. 

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Evaluating the Severity of a Concussion


 Physicians have developed three grades of concussions based on the symptoms. Grade 1 concussions are the mildest and usually only involve temporary pain and confusion. Long-term problems are unlikely. At Grade 2, the victim experiences more symptoms and will need several days or a couple of weeks to heal. 


 Grade 3 concussions represent the most serious injuries and are divided into Grade 3A and Grade 3B concussions. A concussion becomes a Grade 3A concussion if a victim loses consciousness for several seconds. At this point, recovery times extend for weeks. Unconsciousness lasting minutes elevates the injury to a Grade 3B concussion. Recovery requires months of reduced activity. 


 Symptoms of concussions vary so much because different blows to the head will affect different parts of the brain. The brain injury, therefore, expresses itself according to the functions managed by the impacted brain area. 


 The number of concussions a person experiences matters. Repeated concussions, even mild ones, raise the risks of long-term problems and disability considerably. Car accident lawyers Las Vegas representing people who have had previously documented concussions could use this information to emphasize the seriousness of a current concussion resulting from an accident. 


 Age influences the potential difficulty someone might have after a head injury. Children and the elderly are at a greater risk of complications from concussions. 


Recovering From a Concussion


 In addition to getting medical care right away, you will need to rest so that your brain can heal. You need more than just a break from physical activity. Concussion treatment calls for resting the brain as well. You should refrain from mental challenges and avoid stress. Working from home on a computer would be a strain for someone recovering from a concussion. 


 As time goes by, your physician will measure your progress with neurological tests and brain scans. 

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Rare But Dangerous Concussion Side Effect


 A concussion introduces the chance that you could develop a subdural hematoma. This condition describes internal bleeding in the membrane between the brain and skull. The pooling blood creates pressure on the brain and causes prolonged headaches, vision changes, and vomiting. Delays in treatment increase the possibility of disabling brain damage.


 If you have a subdural hematoma, you will need brain surgery. That drastic measure will substantially increase your recovery time and medical expenses. The pursuit of financial relief will become even more important. 

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Moss Berg Injury Lawyers Can Help


 After an accident, a conversation with an accident attorney Las Vegas could guide you through the unfamiliar territory of making a personal injury claim. You should continue to monitor your concussion symptoms. If they become severe, you will continue to miss work and lose quality of life. Such consequences of the accident will serve as evidence of your financial damages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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